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They must also monitor client feedbacks on existing applications, performing corrective measures or adjustments as needed. Furthermore, as a mobile app developer, it is essential to maintain an active communication line with team members, coordinating every step of the way. So if we compare let’s say Android development to web development, logically you’ll have less to learn. At some point you’re going to have to get familiar with some concepts in principles of web development, there’s a lot of overlap between mobile development and web developments.

web developer vs mobile developer

Developers can use Google or Apple’s own interface components, Software Development Kits (SDK), and development tools to create native mobile apps. The main difference between mobile apps and online or web apps is that web apps are self-contained. Mobile apps, like desktop apps, cannot be viewed unless they are explicitly installed on a device. Native mobile applications are designed for unique device characteristics and operate on smartphones and tablets.

The Difference Between Data Engineer and Data Scientist Roles in 2023

To help both, let us take a closer look into the difference between mobile and web app development. Because most mobile apps communicate with servers, building a mobile app often involves doing backend development (web development) and mobile development together. On a team, the backend development and mobile development for the same app can be handled by separate people or groups.

Web development has the least barrier to entry in software engineering. Web development projects also don’t require external platform-specific knowledge of complex tooling, which comes in handy for newbies. In the case of a web developer, you need to display working knowledge of website development if you wish to become a front-end developer. Likewise, you need server-side management skills and database knowledge to become a back-end developer.


That’s a much smaller number, but it’s also because mobile app development is much newer than web development. Despite having a statistically smaller market, it’s a better paid field than web development. An android developer works to build applications for android devices. The increase in smartphone users and internet penetration globally has necessitated the need for more mobile developers to meet this growing demand.

With almost all mobile applications available only from e-platforms, access to reliable internet is crucial for the growth of mobile application buyers. We’ve seen that both web and mobile app development require different programming languages and frameworks. However, there are dual-purpose tooling options available where you how to become a mobile developer can do both mobile and web development using the same technology. Mobile development involves writing software for phones (typically Android or iOS devices). Most of the mobile apps we use communicate with web servers, though some simple apps do not. Are you confused with the roles of a web developer and an app developer?

Is Mobile Development easier than Web Development?

There are also frameworks that can be used to develop a single mobile app that runs on both android and iOS like react native (which uses javascript) and flutter (which uses dart). Businesses who have a website also seek to build a mobile app as this will help them reach a broader audience. Apart from creating a new mobile app a business can also hire developers to convert an existing website into mobile app. As this save them time and efforts without having to start from scratch. Mobile app developers are slightly more satisfied with their jobs than web developers.

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