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Bulky items, furniture, desk clutter can all go into self-storage to create more space. Buy a desk tidy, file papers away, and avoid drawers – they’ll only collect junk. From chilled vibes, keeping you calm, to upbeat and invigorating tracks that motivate you to meet that deadline, music can seriously affect productivity at work. Waking up when you want, setting your own schedule, working in your PJs from bed, the perks are definitely palatable. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Caprese salad with chicken adds protein to a classic dish to make it a meal!

Practising mindfulness or meditation can help improve relaxation and stress management. There are tonnes of online guided meditations to follow on sites such as Headspace or even just on YouTube. Meditation can be a great way to reset your intentions for the day and reduce workplace anxiety, even if you only allocate 5-10 minutes a week. Next, check out this list of community building activities and this guide to virtual retreats.

Personality Quizzes

Made with mashed black beans, this creamy lunch idea is perfect to make while working from home. Prep a few ahead of time or just prep the ingredients to quickly build a bowl at lunch time. You could even start a pet employee of the month (or quarter) based on team nominations. Use Slack (or your remote work blog preferred chat solution) to create dedicated group channels for office chat. If your team needs some more direction, try an icebreaker activity. Because your team doesn’t have the luxury of a physical watercooler to gather around and chitchat, you need to provide those opportunities virtually.

Team members who have plentiful opportunities to learn and grow are likely to remain at companies for longer periods of time. Hosting lunch and learning sessions is a way to educate and immerse an online workforce. Not to mention, these https://remotemode.net/ gatherings give remote employees a chance for human contact and face to face contact with peers. The topics chosen for lunch and learns can speak to the company’s core values, and emphasize certain priorities for employees to adopt.

Virtual Potluck or Recipe Sharing

While judges cannot taste the creations, contestants can be judged on appearance, creativity, and perceived deliciousness of the dish. We recommend spending half an hour cooking, and half an hour eating and socializing. Setup can be as simple as scheduling a Zoom meeting and telling teammates to bring food. Because these activities are so low-maintenance, there is little excuse not to hold the events regularly. Team building works best as an ongoing effort, and meeting regularly will enable remote teammates to develop camaraderie.

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FlexJobs has a lot of guides for in-demand work-from-home jobs, from virtual assistant positions to software development roles. If you need advice for remote leadership or C-level positions, the FlexJobs blog offers that, too. If you’re interested in remote work and automation technology, the Zapier blog is the place for you. It’s helpful for anyone who wants to enrich their work-from-home experience by intelligently automating their workflows. Work From Happiness offers valuable advice and insights like many other remote blogs do, but what makes it stand out is that it’s the work of one person. The blog also publishes articles about living the digital nomad lifestyle, covering topics like best travel equipment, remote-friendly locations, and even tips for managing your taxes.

No More Desk Lunch

Be sure to keep an eye on the chat for questions, and encourage employees to engage with each other and react as well. Acknowledging comments in the chat, even non-questions, makes the event feel more interactive and intimate. Here are some sample suggestions for virtual lunch and learn subjects. Speakers should present their subject and general plan for approval. After okaying the topic, work with the presenter to set a date and time. You should also plan a short technical run-through to help the real event run more smoothly.

  • Just make sure that the first facilitator is jotting down important notes and answers to frequently asked questions that future organizers can refer to later.
  • If you’re hosting an online lunch meeting, nobody has to be coy about eating in front of a camera.

Above all, this is an opportunity for team members to enjoy quality time in each other’s company, whether through games, guided conversations, or other activities. Here are 20 ideas you can steal for your next virtual lunch at work. We have included a range of ideas from fun and entertaining breaks in the workday to icebreaker games to play for 5 minutes before you begin a meeting to lift the team’s energy. We have also included some ideas to help inspire and support your employees and help them to feel valued. Working lunches are sessions where team members get together over Zoom to brainstorm ideas or work together. These occasions function similarly to standard virtual lunches, with the expectation that a host delivers updates and presents on a topic or team members complete tasks together.

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